Books – What to Read? What not to Read!?

Contrary to popular belief, I do not have my nose to the grind stone all the time.  Well not quite 🙂
Sometimes I actually take time off to do my other things and one of my favourites is to read a proper book (don’t even get me started on Kindles, or any other electronic type book, I have a penchant for the paper kind – so old fashioned the “real book”).
I read a lot (A LOT!) for work.  Emails, tweets, blogs, reports, funding applications, directories, instructions, press reviews, manuals –  blah blah blah.  For time I away from work stuff I want something completely different thank you 🙂
My new favourite place – Twitter – offers a  cornucopia of book stuff – list, clubs, reviews etc and literary ideas to keep even me going.
First there is  Flashlight Worthy and true to its word –  “Recommending books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime. ;-)”  An extensive and diverse booklist and serendipitously I’ve just started reading one of its recommendations before it became a recommendation!

FLW just hit 100,000 Twitter followers this weekend. Help celebrate by checking out some of their book recommendations.

FLW seems to know me so well – House of Leaves by House of Leaves  by Mark Z. Danielewsk.  I’ll let you know how successful this trial is 🙂
Another find is Worlds Without End for my true love – fantasy, science fiction and other speculative fiction.  I really like this site because you can set up personal lists, ratings, make your own recommendations and you can compare and contrast with other aficionados.

And lastly, for a bit of fun and to see the true awfulness that was available in public libraries, there is the incomparable Awful Library Books .

There is much fun to be had on Twitter and the greater web but I must turn off the computer now and go and read that actual “real” book!  I have a bit of time before I have to do the next “work” thing 🙂

 Michaelmas Daisy – Autumn 2009
Just a reminder as I told you this blog wasn’t going to be very straightforward 
the Zen Dog motto – 
“He knows not where he’s going. For the Ocean will decide. It’s not the DESTINATION. It’s the glory of THE RIDE”