The Music Issue – Sort of

Remember my early warning? I did say this blog would aimlessly (or should that be eclectically?) wander. 

I’ve covered duck racing for charity (don’t worry you’re safe until next year), books (lovin’ Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys if your interested, v v good), some environmental stuff, a bit about photography so now we’ll go on to my next big passion


I can’t play a thing!  Not even the triangle.  I did try very hard. I bought myself a guitar, got books, took lessons, (tried) to read music and practised and practiced and, well, you get it.  Sadly I am not destine to become a rock legend 😦  (but I could be their photographer)

Oh I can amend one of my previous statements.  I can play the radio (Ha ha!)

I’m off to my first of three festivals (so far contemplating a fourth) very soon, a folk festival (not quite my top genre but I’m open minded).  Looking forward to the Original Steamchicken Jazz Band if for the name only!  However, they look superbly fun.  I’m going with non-festival going friends but everyone has to be a newbie sometime.  Its only for a day so a great time will be had by all and we will not be part of the unwashed.  And then next time, we’ll go for real!

The Night Before (no it didn’t rain this time :-))

My next festival is five days long (they do have nice warm showers) and my last festival (Reading, I’m seeing Guns ‘n Roses on my birthday, this is very deeply odd if you know me)  is house camping (amiable mates with linen and plumbing).  The one I’m contemplating (The Big Chill) probably has showers but I haven’t been before so can’t comment…yet.

Hmm, this episode isn’t so much about music as about festivals and shower facilities.  Well music reviews next time then…..maybe.

The One We Endured

So why am I such a festival addict.  Now, here is where I turn five.  BECAUSE THEY ARE SO GREAT!  I’m in my native habitat with the other off-kilter inmates and there is live music and wild abandon on tap.  Days of being surrounded in a wonderfully noisy world, slightly away from reality and being in the enviable position of not having to strictly behave yourself.  You can wearing multi-coloured, sparkly butterfly wings if you want to and I’ve seen more than one young gentleman running around in a wedding gown.  

 The evidence >-) I think its the flash sun glasses that really make the ensemble

 Indeed sometimes if you aren’t suitably kitted-out you stand out as an oddity.

All Dressed Up and Going Dancing

Lovely break from reality.  I’ll revel in the chaos and then be all refreshed to return to sorting out and organising my people. Pepper Potts eat your heart out!

So, I’m off to the fair, are you coming?  🙂

Oh, as this blog is supposed to be loosely work related, I can happily profess that I‘m a star at sorting music collections!

Gotan Project – WOMAD 2006

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