The Festival Goers’ Essential Top 10 List

Breezy Flags at the Festivals
Besides a relaxed attitude, your mates and the completely obvious eg, tent, tickets, wellies, first aid kit:
 Wellies – Too essential to list!
1.  Lots of wet wipes. More than you think you need.  Why?  Because loo cleanliness may get a bit dodgy.  Also running water may be scarce/too far away/non existence or you might  just want to freshen up.  There is no stigma to being clean at a festival.  There is no stigma to being filthy either.  Its a personal choice and I know which one I opt for.
2.  A real pillow, an air mattress and earplugs.  Why?  Sleep will inevitably vary in quality and quantity but you can at least be comfortable.  I go all the way and have proper sheets too.  I have camped all over the world.  I can rough it.  At festivals I don’t have to!
Temporary Town
3.  A full sized towel.  Why?  Showers may be available so the obvious use, and towels can double up as blankets, pillows and preserve your modesty.  Douglas Adams knew what he was on about when he elevated the lowly  Towel to heroic status.
4.  A second camera and extra SD (memory) card.  Why?  This might just be essential for me.  Photography is my thing so I always have backup equipment.
5.  Umbrella!  Why?  Relief from the sun (essential if you are as ridiculously pale and interesting as me) and respite from the rain (its gonna fall somewhere at some time).
Happy Festival Goers
6.  Folding camp chair (not to carry around, leave at base camp, probably in the tent when you’re out and about) and a sitting mat.  Why?   It is sooooooooo comfortable to sit down properly after standing, dancing and such a pleasant change from the ground.  Also chairs and mats are generally drier than the ground and contain considerably fewer cow pats.
7.  A book/magazine Why?  They don’t need batteries and 4 days is a long time.  You may need a time out here and there.  Festivals are to be enjoyed, not endured.
8.  Bring some food and water. Why?  Are you Rockefeller?!  It costs a lot to eat out for 3-4 days.
9.  Two water/drink bottles.  Why?  One for water and one for  the beverage of your choice.  Extravagant ?  No.   I always think its nice to have a choice.
10.  An extra extra pair of pants/underwear and socks.  Why?  Just in case.  Your mother would be proud
There you go.  The first truly useful practical advice you have received from this site.  Hope it helps 🙂
Have a great festival!
WOMAD 2009

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  1. Wonderful list. A Plus. As someone who has done her fair share of backpacking I can only agree to all your top ten choices. Since festival going is kind of like car camping (understand car camping is for wussies – I have only done it under protest) since you have the place to store lots of gear you might as well bring everything to make yourself comfortable.

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