The Internet and How I’m Going to Wean Myself Off It

I’ve spent a great deal of time in the last few months on the Internet.  Probably (not probably, very actually) too much time.  Strolling, trolling, sifting, sorting and a whole lot of meandering has been taking place.

Rain – Shropshire, UK – 2010

These wanderings haven’t been completely aimless as there is a point.  As a reformed librarian (read that as Information Goddess) I’m extremely interested in: 1. what sort of information other people are interested in and why, and 2. how to use the Internet and its tools (eg social media, the Cloud, online resources etc) more effectively.  So, see it’s work! Indeed my curiosity and, therefore my business, depends on my ability to sift through the “stuff” to find out what people need to know (very different from want, that’s a another chapter).

And there is A LOT of stuff in the ether.  There’s a lot of clever, gorgeous, mind-blowing stuff, quite a bit of mundane yet useful stuff, and vast waste lands of “OMG why did they bother???!!!” stuff.

Mad Eye – Manchester, UK – 2009

Sadly percentage wise, 86.4% (how to lie with statistics – that’s a fictitious stat, but I’m sure the number is high), of the visible Net is “OMG What were they thinking!”.  Like with driving, you feel there should be a test to pass before people are allowed to upload to the Internet.  Really, there are some treasures out there (and some that should be buried!)

I expect we are supposed to be egalitarian about the Internet, so anyone can come to play.  But I, for one, don’t have to pay attention.

Mad Eye 2 – Manchester, UK – 2009

Which comes nicely to the point of this blog (yes I have very long introductions).  The Internet is wonderful and exciting but also not.  I think its a brilliant platform for many people, organisations and assorted humanity but for many more it’s just another empty space to fill up.  Like a loft.

I’ll continue to spend too much time on the Internet, but feel (for me anyway) that I need to get away from the “empty space” sometimes, and even the mind-blowing stuff en masse, can lose their WOW factor due to over indulgence.   

The WOW Factor – Powys, UK – 2009

I’m going to spend more quality time with some of my favourite carbon based life forms (e.g. family, friend, colleagues, friends’ pets).  Or, get this, a book!

I’m going to instigate digital free days.  As I’m self employed this has to be feasible so it’s not a total ban.     

Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland, UK – 2009

My new rules for DF day:

At least one day a week, I pledge;
– not to use the Internet,
– to keep the computers turned off and not to sneaking off to a friend’s to use their’s
– my antique mobile phone will still be checked for messages but not on all day

– no Twitter (not even scheduled messages)
– no blogging here or on Tumblr (but I can make handwritten notes :-))
– radio is OK, CD collection is better, no TV

*Caveat – If someone else has an emergency that I have to deal with, then all rules can be broken.

Wish me luck.



Wild – Long Mynd, Shropshire, UK – 2009

3 thoughts on “The Internet and How I’m Going to Wean Myself Off It

  1. This is such a brilliant idea, not sure (because of work commitments) i could do one day a week but definately going to try one a fortnight (how did I ever manage without my laptop).

  2. Hello Julie,Inter-Netz… it gives me food for thought and evolution through communication with extraordinary people like you, and I know I'm not at all making the most of it…Anyway, as with the "with great power comes great responsibility," I don't have a particularily great one but, my challenge is to bring it on! The world needs us! And that's exactly where the emergency is! So let's dare (sacrifice/profit from/choose/anything goes here) think about important things to make of this world a better place, and promote our responsibility of what's happening in the world…Would like to talk with you about some subjects, if you have time, it may be super fun too :-)Will get back to you, see you soon!K'

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