Fast and Dirty – How the Experiments are Going So Far

Quick entry here and sadly without the usual fantastic assortment of photos. (If you miss the pics go here for a top up JJ Mellors Flickr)

Update on the experiments.
Experiment 1 – Digital Free Days (DFD)
Thumbs up as this is working out fairly well.  DFD so far always seem to fall on a Saturday.  I’m only breaking one rule and good news is, it’s not my fault!
I’m not using a computer in any way shape or form on DFDs, and there is absolute minimal use of my (new) mobile phone.  My UK phone isn’t international so for the next few weeks I’m not using it at all.  Hmmmm, part of my cunning plan?  Not really.  Right now I have a different mobile/cell phone which essential for booking meals and drinks with friends!!!
And there is always a but, I am watching TV on my DFDs.  My excuse, and I do have one, is I’m staying with family and friends and I can’t control/dictate their actions and it would be very rude to sit in the other room.  I didn’t come all this way just to ignore them 🙂
Besides, the Daily Show is tons of fun and I haven’t seen it before!!!
Experiment 2 – Cloud Computing
Is working out quite well but there are a few glitches.
I do have access to computers so I can keep in touch with my people and remain in the loop. Huge thanks to family and friends for letting me have practically unlimited access! 
Having the memory stick is essential and Dropbox is a huge bonus.
Problem (which if I’d bought my own laptop I wouldn’t have) I can’t put things back in my Dropbox after I have taken them out and done what ever with them.  I must save my work onto my memory stick and then I must remember to update my Dropbox when I get home.
The same goes for Evernote (how did I live without this!!?).  I have a great selection of notes but can’t add to my collection.  Pen and paper seem to be working quite well and I’m taking notes of what I have to add on later (yeah a bit old fashioned I know but I can adapt).
Big Oops on not bringing the laptop, but honestly with what I was already bringing my suitcase was too heavy.  I blame Christmas and all those presents!

They say every cloud has a silver lining and this one does.  Since I don’t have my usual reliable tools, I have been experimenting with new ones.  Open Office, Google Docs among others. To use another cliche, I’m adding more strings to my bow.

I once was an Information Goddess now watch me become an Information Wizard!




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