Oh Dear – The Cunning Plan That Didn’t Quite Work

As many things it started off so well and I had such good intentions (yes the big sign before you hit the road to Hell!).

Also as with many things, it didn’t quite go as expected.

Being honest here, for the last few weeks it hasn’t really gone at all. But it’s Christmas! Back to being practical now, on a scale of one to 10, this location independent working without my Mac is about a five.

Victoria, Australia – March 2005

What went right (because there were a few things that did):
– I have still very successfully been able to manage my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, 
– I’ve update The Honest Blogger regularly and, well, my blogging has been a bit scarce and yes, I could have done it more often.  That’s a big human fault and nothing to do with managing IT in the Cloud or being multi-locational.  
– I’ve taken a lot of photos and been able to add a few shots to my portfolio
– Emailing as been a breeze and everyone still knows I’m in the loop.  Its great to not be forgotten!

St. Pancras, London, UK – October 2007

What didn’t go right:
– Via the Internet, I have access to my Dropbox and Evernotes but I can only used half of what these applications have to offer as I can’t down load them on to “borrowed” computers.  I can get t them online but I’m not able able to add anything.  A bigger hazard than I anticipated. I have many notes in my Moleskin.  Written notes, how quaint.
– I haven’t been able to edit any of my photos properly.  The quality of screens I have been “borrowing” aren’t adequate and the photo editing  programs generally available aren’t flexible enough.
– A few of the databases and records I manage for my clients aren’t quite as up-to-date as I would generally like (my clients are happy, I just have very high standards) as using memory sticks has just become a pain, doable, but a pain.
– Working conditions have been extremely variable and at times too interesting (right now I have a dog on my knee).  And often too interesting in almost a good way but not a good way if you have to concentrate.  I can’t work consistently at a coffee shop or the like as there is always something going on that’s a lot more fun than what I’m doing. I need to get my head down at the library sometimes as  I can have a dreadful attention span.

Havanna, Cuba – April 2004

Conclusions (there are ways around these “inconveniences”):
1. Better planning.
2. Better discipline – there are few excuses for a lax blogger
3. And finally, bring the “office”!

What I will actually do:

Two things:

1.  Plan better and be more disciplined!!!!!
2.  For short trips i.e. a weekend.  I will leave the Mac at home – Unless the trip is specifically for work.  I still believe in Digital Free Days
3.  For long trips I still don’t want to haul my “office” – the Mac BookPro is still a lot of kit to trek about considering I have to take my camera and assorted sundries.  


I’m buying a iPad.

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