It’s Different in Canada….How they Celebrate the Festive Season – Part 1

Yes, I’ve been away, thus the articles on Cloud Computing and semi successful Location Independence.  Now I have my Mac back and I’ve started sorted through a few of the 1400 photos I took.
Don’t recoil in horror, I won’t make you look at them all!!!
I spent the festive season with my friends and family in British Columbia and Alberta and I thought you like to know how they celebrate in the Great White North.
So for your visual delectation, Christmas in Vancouver, BC
Disclaimer – These are snaps!  Not up to my usual standards are photographic excellence %-)
Jingle Dog!!
 They take pride in their work

Ocean Cement Co., Granville Island
The Gingerbread House at VanDusen Botanical Gardens
Even more lights at VanDusen Botanical Gardens
Decorating the Tree
Kidsbooks – not just books for Kids!
Happy Santa?
Peking Lounge, Chinatown
Even the family vehicle isn’t left out
Next week I’ll regale you with New Year’s in Alberta.  Just 900 more photos to sift through…..