Why You Should Really Go To New Zealand – Sheep, Shoes and Compostable Loos

Sorry folks.  Giving Social Media “how tos” a rest.  I’m just not in the “zone”.

Beside doing “information” as a profession and as a hobby, I’ve also been know to travel.  
You’ve seen all the gorgeous beaches, the lovely sunsets, the fantastic surf and plethora of vineyards that New Zealand has to offer.   But have you seen the REAL New Zealand?

This is a handpicked selection of my photos on why you should go (as if you even need convincing!). 

Because you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a 15 foot kiwi.

 Intriguing folk art of very large bugs
Punakaiki, South Island

 The fantastic compostable loos at the 
unforgettable Mussel Inn
and something to read while passing the “time”
Onekaka, Golden Bay, South Island
 Always caring, helpful advice
Somewhere west of Riverton, South Island
 The Men’s showers.
For the Girls, Xena is on the other side
Porpoise Bay campsite, South Island
 Waiting for the Post
Dairy farm on the North Island
Traffic jam
East Cape, North Island
Because there aren’t enough sheep 
already, some life like replicants
Havelock, North Island
As promised a very large Kiwi
Somewhere around Wainui Bay, South Island
 Shoes, just shoes
Dunno, was a bit lost – South Island
Beach sculpture 
New Zealand Day celebrations
Fox River, South Island
The most southern point of New Zealand
Just to prove I WAS there
Insightful Social Media revelations back next week.