2822 Miles by Bus – Toronto, Ontario to Nanaimo, British Columbia or Bust!

This summer, in a mad moment I decided to see Canada by bus.  Well half of Canada.

Overall (as there were a few glitches) it was a great experience and an amazing opportunity to see this beautiful country.

Bring sandwiches!

Where it all started – Toronto
The first loyal steed! Greyhound – Toronto to Winnipeg
Why Sudbury isn’t well known for fresh air
Highway 17 – One of a 1000 lakes!
Highway 17 – A few of a million trees!
Highway 17 – Canadian Shield country
Somewhere in Northern Ontario
Cheeky Monkey – One of my traveling companions
Lots and lots of trains – heaven for trainspotters!
Sunrise in Saskatchewan
Little house on the prairie
Big sky country!
Security line up in Calgary
The view of TranCanada from the back of the bus
Rocky Mountains, Alberta
Big ooooh and ahhhs people 🙂
Really, really early into Vancouver
And so worth getting up for!

Off the bus and onto the ferry

Finally at my parents, north of Nanaimo
Happy and tired so not at my most glamorous
Off for a long shower!!