Don’t Blog – Tweet – Post – Facebook This – The List

Seems a bit ridiculous to say this as we’re all chatting away happily being oh so friendly, but sometimes it’s a good idea to remind oneself of the really obvious.
Although it’s very tempting and it’s so easy to do, there are some things you shouldn’t say using Social Media (probably shouldn’t even say any of these at all, in any format).  Because, ALWAYS  remember once you put it out there, there it is
1.  Don’t complain about your customers on Twitter. They are listening. Very silly to have a moan because if you’re Tweeting/Google+ing/Facebooking for business, you’re really hoping they are paying attention!
2.  Anything defamatory – you can get sued.  Remember to be nice or leave.  Because if what you say is really bad, well then they can make you pay.
3.  Money stuff – What you make, what you spend, where you bank etc.  Why don’t you just give us access to your money?  Some unscrupulous fellow would love to collect these tidbits about you, eventually getting the whole picture.
4.  In business disclosing conflicts of interest. Do you want to stay in business? And why did you get involved if there was a conflict anyway?  What kind of business are you running?!
5.  Your schedule.  Yes, let the burglars know the best times to break in.  They wouldn’t want to be disturbed.
Be savvy and sharp and keep your followers
Vancouver, British Columbia – 2011
6.  Other people’s stuff (unless it’s really relevant to you and you have asked permission) – it’s not your news to share.
7.  Too many details about your kids.  Include them yes, but be prudent.
8.  Don’t get defensive about negative criticism of your company or products. Deal with any complaints more appropriately.
9.  Don’t share anything people can use against you because someone might and you, the Bozo, gave them the ammunition!
10. That you’re having an affair, think about having an affair, know some else who is or is thinking about it. Same for embezzling, stealing a car, working on your own version of the Italian Job etc.
11.  The online world doesn’t need to know if you have a problem with a coworker or your boss.  Be a grown up and deal with them directly.
12. Don’t spam your friends and followers.  Actually, don’t spam anyone!
13. Bodily functions – why would we want to know?
14. Family dramas. It’s not just about you and it’s really not our business.
15. How much you can drink or did drink – same for drugs.
16. That you are planning to lie to someone/ take a sick day/ do anything really stupid that will adversely effect your reputation. Seriously are you 5?
Show a little respect and love online
Vancouver, British Columbia – 2011
17. Hint at your passwords.  You never know who’s paying attention.
18. Spread insults, lies, and rumors about friends, family or colleagues.  If you wouldn’t say it to their face don’t say it at all.
19. Tell the world you’re going on holiday. Brag about it when you get back instead. Oh and post up a few pics 🙂
Don’t think hiding behind a cleverly named anonymous avatar makes any of the above OK.  What goes around does come around.  Just you wait.
Even after all this, I’m sure you’ll find something fascinating to share online.
Keep smart and keep safe.
And keep your friends, family and followers!

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