Please Stop Doing That #2 – What’s Driving Me Crazy About Your Twitter Stream

The use and abuse of the Twitter stream and what can be done about it. A few thoughts on doing better as it’s getting noisy out there and you’ll have more success if you shine than if you …… don’t.       

* Note:  As before I’m claiming some authority on this subject due to painstakingly acquired experience and years of geeky knowledge.  I’m trying to use my powers for good and point out a few possible foibles you may suffer from and to direct some people to the “naughty step” if I have to!

A (loose) dozen things to stop doing:

1.   Your stream is all about you!!!!!!!  Me, me, me and blah, blah, blah.  The absolutely key to an effective Social Media strategy is understanding it’s a communication tool and that communication needs to go both ways.

 2.  When you have NOTHING to say – you say it anyway.  Relentlessly.  Musing is fine, but endlessly pondering your navel is not OK.  Maybe you need to get out more?

3.   You don’t interact.  You never RT, you don’t re-share anyone else’s great stuff and if someone does share something you said you never say thank you.  Rude!  And you’re surprised no one wants to talk to you!!!!

Alone and wondering why?
Shropshire 2012

4.  You share nothing original and only RT.  Um…. your point?

5.  You know where I can get a free iPad.  Really!!!?  Aren’t we done with this one yet?

6. You’re still just talking about you.

7.  You promise me that if I follow you, you will teach me the secrets to finding 1,000,000 new followers.  Liar!  Almost as old and as bad as telling me I have a long lost uncle in the jungle and if I send you £250,00 to your Cayman Island bank account……

8. I don’t understand you.  Obviously you are 2G2BT but I 404 what you are saying so ,!!!!  

(the translation – Obviously you are to good to be true, but I don’t understand what you are saying, so talk to the hand)

9.  You tweet too much!  My Twitter stream is full of you.  Seriously, you do need to get out more.

10.  Um, it’s still just about you.  Yes, I’ve mentioned this before, TWICE!  It’s THAT irritating.

Be good and you can have cake!
Oxfordshire – 2011

11. You automate your tweets (I’m fine with that) but they all come at me one right after the other.  There’s no opportunity to see what could be of interest because it’s overwhelming and I’m off.

12  You’re always asking for stuff.  Please RT this, pass on that, my cat is swimming the channel for charity please sponsor him (10th time this year), donate to that, Does anyone have one of these (for free) ….. and so on.

OK done the rant now.  If anyone has any Twitter grievances I haven’t mentioned, please let me know.  We can commiserate together

Continuing my mission to make the Internet a more inviting place for humans.



Reading, 2012