4 Simple and Free Apps to Keep Your Twitter Stream Troll Free, Interesting and Relevant

Some people care and others don’t about the quality of the people in their Twitter stream.  I think you should care, especially if you’re in business because it’s all about quality and not quantity ( I’ve said this before and will probably say it again), and who really has the time or the desire to follow trolls?

I find these apps help me maintain a vibrant, diverse and relevant Tweet Stream.  In just a few minutes a week, I can ensure the trolls are kept at bay.

I’m Not Letting You IN!
Manchester, UK

1.  Who Unfollowed Me – http://who.unfollowed.me/ – Find out quickly who unfollowed you.  I do this every week and this service is accurate and very straightforward.   If you are so inclined, you can unfollow those who unfollowed you immediately from this app.  I do, well unless they’re really interesting!

You can also find out what Tweeters aren’t following you and re-check who you aren’t following.  However, Who Unfollowed Me will only show you their avatar, so you will have to go to Twitter to find out more about them.

 2.  ManageFlitter – http://manageflitter.com/–  Quite similar to Who Unfollowed Me but different enough to be useful.  This app lets you know what Tweeters you follow that aren’t active.  A lot of people start with good intentions but then fade away.  I generally unfollow people if they have been inactive for over a month.

ManageFlitter will also let you know who isn’t following you back and how active they are – who tweets very little and who tweets too much. You will get more info on Tweeters from here, than just their avatar.  You get a short biography, a few details on their activity (how many tweets eg) and their last tweet.  If you choose to, you can unfollow them from here.

One minor glitch – if it tells you “No Tweet found”  – it’s not right.  This only happens sometimes, not quite sure why.

3.  Twit Block – http://twitblock.org/ – Essential for getting rid of nuisance accounts, spammers, junk Tweeters and the down right malicious!  Because all the good people are on Twitter the unsavory want to crash our party.  From here you can scan your followers, your friends  and even yourself.

Twit Block also lets you manage your Blocks.  I have blocked over 150 people in 2 years.  Mostly people who never tweeted or those that offer to provide services that frankly, creep me out.

Follow you?  Maybe Yes, Maybe No
Cornwall, UK

4.  Twit Cleaner – http://thetwitcleaner.com/ – This app analyses the tweeting behavior of the people you follow.  It assess how many times they RT, reply, use links and how varied their Twitter stream is. 

Some seemingly poor behaviour  isn’t always spammy behaviour.  For example, news sites and magazines don’t reply or RT a great deal.  Twit Clean provides you with the data so you can choose whether to unfollow or not.  I usually unfollow someone if their behaviour is dodgy and I can’t remember who they are!

These apps are all quick, easy and reliable.  And they are free but if you do like them and use them a lot, they always could use a donation.



Happy Chilled out Twitter User 🙂