Welcome to the Twittersphere – Now What Do You Have to Say?

For business people Twitter represents a unique opportunity to communicate with others in a quick and engaging way.  The core challenge to every Tweeter is to find a distinctive and engaging voice that will enable them to connect to their audience.

The key to effective tweeting is to give people something they will value using a variety of tweets.  By being interesting/useful/insightful/attribute of choice, followers will be attracted.  They’ll want to find out more about you, get to know what else you have to offer, or even chat just to you.  All this activity will ultimately increase traffic to your website and increased awareness = more business.  All in all, good tweeting is good for business.

You!  Start talking!
Manchester, UK – Spring 2010

So now you’re using Twitter but what to say?  Are you new to Twitter or just suddenly become tongue tied?

Here are a few tips and suggestions on what to tweet to get you started or get you going:

1.  Give your audience cool stuff.  I’m sure you have come across a few wonders on your travels across the Internet.  If you get a bit stuck now and then, a short trip to Stumbleupon is always refreshing.  I’m never going to admit how many days I’ve lost wandering in that universe!

2.  People on Twitter love to chat. If you can’t think of anything to say ask questions – see what they want to talk about

3.  Retweet the stuff you receive that’s worth passing on.  This is also seen as a compliment to the original tweeter and you’ll be known as a collaborator and as someone who shares the good bits.  Retweeting what others have posted is a great way to build community.

4.  Sometimes they’re worth a 1000 words, so show a photo or two.  Your shop, your product, your great new haircut!

5.  Be sure not to talk relentlessly about work and your stuff.  Don’t be an ego maniac. Be human rather than a work drone and slightly go off piste. Be informal.  On Twitter you can talk about what interests you, engage in comment on politics (be mild though remember this is a very public forum), discuss movies, sports …..whatever!

6.  Do talk about yourself.  What you are doing/going to do/have done. When you do talk about your stuff, make it useful/interesting/fun. If you work in a team or have employees include them (of course with their knowledge and consent).   Let everyone know who is doing the 10 k run, who’s working on a new product, who is making the tea and coffee run this week.

7.  Send useful links and point out things of interest in your field.  Establish a reputation as an expert. 

8.  Send messages.  Chat to other people.  Stop with the monologue because people are on Twitter to talk and find out what’s going on.  So tell them!

9.  I’m sure you’re having a great time on Twitter but don’t forget about work completely. Broadcast your news!  Definitely use Twitter to promote your website and your blog.  When promoting a blog post or directing people to a website etc. give a hint what it’s about.  It’s very helpful to give your followers an indication as to why you bothered to write or post something.  Followers sometimes may need a nudge to go to your link.

10.  If you’re stuck, ask for help. Twitter is GREAT for getting advice because people love to share what they know and what they think.

11.  Really stuck for something to say?  Occasionally you can be profound or fun.  Send out an inspired quote or just a whimsical picture.  Remember what all work and no play did to Jack.

Just talking
Goa, India – November 2009

I hope these few suggestions will help you get started or get you out of that rut.  If you have any tips I haven’t mentioned, I’d love to hear from you.



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  1. Great ideas for any business owner! Twitter is a terrific public forum to show your customers who you are and that you're not just some money hungry suit. If you don't feel confident in your abilities to tweet, or don't have the time, make sure you do your research before hiring a social media company, since your reputation is in their hands.

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