What’s the Point Of LinkedIn? 7 Tips for Enlightenment

Congratulations!  If you’re reading this, you’re probably getting (or already have) to grips with Social Media.  Some formats are easy to embrace as they are by nature chatty and entertaining.  Everyone from your friends and relations to the neighbour’s dog (honestly Dogs who Twitter) and your favourite celebrity (——– name here), are accessible in the virtual village.
LinkedIn is a little different.  Not that it’s unsociable or unfriendly but it’s where grown-ups go to talk about work.  For some the “fun” factor may be missing, but if you’re not using LinkedIn to promote you and your business, then you’re missing out on a critical opportunity.
LinkedIn has been around since 2002 and it’s a business-oriented networking site used primarily for professionals to “connect” to each other.  Currently there are over 175 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries.  And it’s a heavily visited website.  As of writing this article,  LinkedIn was the 12th most accessed web site in the UK (see www.alexa.com for even more details).  That’s a lot of traffic.
And the answer….
Manchester, UK – 2009
If that’s not enough incentive to use LinkedIn, here are 7 more reasons why you should stop ignoring it:
1. Do you want to be seen?  A LinkedIn entry ranks very highly on both major search engines Google, and Bing. “Google” someone you know (or yourself if you’re already there) and see for yourself.
2. Increase your visibility.  As I mentioned above, this is a professional networking site.  It’s not for YouTube junkies, students etc. This is a site for proper professionals so reputations matter.
3. Improve your connectability.  By using LinkedIn effectively, you can make who you know, and who knows you, work a lot harder for you.  Flaunt your popularity.  You’re a professional, you should be over that wallflower stage by now!
4. You can do your research early, using LinkedIn to look up company information and viewing people’s profiles.  LinkedIn can be used as a sort of pre-reference check even before you make any formal contact with the company or person who interests you.
5.  Looking for a new job?  There are great job searching tools on LinkedIn.  Not only are there job postings but you can also check out the markets locally, regionally and globally in your fields of interest.
6. Did you get an interview with someone listed on LinkedIn?  Then you can ensure your interview goes more smoothly because you can check them out beforehand.  You can dazzle them at the interview by having something sensible, interesting and relevant to talk about.7.And lastly (for this list anyway) LinkedIn is a great reference tool. There are industry experts on here, ask them anything. You’ll be surprised by the  knowledge base that’s available and how much people love to help.
If you’re serious about your profession and your future and you haven’t signed up to LinkedIn, then you’re running out of excuses.
Finally – HINT HINT – complete your profile as completely as possible.  But that’s another article!
Once you’ve completed your LinkedIn
profile, then you can treat yourself
Mount Buffalo, Victoria, Australia – 2005

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