This One’s a Rant About Passion

Note:  I’m only picking on one word here. I know English is flexible.  I’d like people to contemplate and understand about how they are using it, celebrate its diversity and stop writing/talking like they are turbocharged on 15 cups of coffee!
Have you noticed these days how everyone is passionate about practically everything? Just a random few from the Internet:
“I’m passionate about food and drink”
coffee love
Passionate about caffeine?
“Football is my passion”
“Professional florist with a passion for colour”
“Our passion is creating the event ..”
“Passion for shoes”
There is even someone with a website:
“Passionate about tiling” (honestly it’s about tiling)
Not sure about you, but for me passion is not something I feel you can offer to the general public as a commodity.  I’m not sure I’d want to!
Let’s get some perspective here people. Passionate about creating a event?  I would prefer someone who is diligent, responsible, yes enthusiastic, has a lively interest even and possibly some degree of eagerness.  From my events organiser I don’t want any powerful feelings of desire, intense emotions or anyone prone to extreme anger or excitement.  If someone is passionate about events organising I suggested they seek help (or cut down on the caffeine).
And “Passion for shoes”?  Do they make you swoon?  Sweep you off your feet?  (falling down a flight of stairs hardly counts) They can’t even make dinner!
Footsteps made by un-passionate shoes
OK, I admit I have my pedant head on here and I’m being extremely flippant.  I also admit I find the Internet an overwhelming place littered with extraordinary declarations.  I know it’s competitive in the virtual world as everyone is trying to connect to the real world by advertising their distinctiveness/brilliance/sheer wonderfulness and trying to attract attention by endlessly emphasing their unique selling point.
I for one would like a return to the achievable, the authentic, the “I’m a real person with a real product/service that can help you but I can’t grow wings and fly” school of business.
Maybe I can borrow her wings?
I probably have a pipe dream based on a world that never existed.  It’s probably also because I believe I do have a great product and yet I’m still unable to grow wings or sound the least bit convincing when I use words like passion.  I basically feel like a bit of a dope.
So, in brief I would like those people out there who bandy the word passion around to:
1.  get a grip and think about what they really mean,
2.  buy a new thesaurus and reclaim words like enthusiastic and
3.  not contact me.
Done now!
Thank you for reading. I’m off now to keenly participate in one of my many real-life enthusiasms 🙂
flowers 2 jjmellors
Florist with a passion for flowers!


3 thoughts on “This One’s a Rant About Passion

  1. I am with you on this one. Must be the word fad of the year. I wonder what word they would choose if they felt even more strongly than passionate. The closest synonym I could find was Adore and yet that does not work well as one tends to adore blindly. Passion is all encompassing.

  2. Thank You! I knew you'd understand. I find all these overly strong feelings on the Internet quite tiring. I would like people to say what they mean rather than bamboozle me with hyperactive word usage! Ultimately they will never be able to live up to it 😦

  3. Wow – that was a rant and a half, but I agree with you completely. Passion, the word as used during social intercourse, loses its meaning precisely because everyone must, it seems, be labeled 'passionate'. After quitting a corporate job and venturing into trying to make a living with a camera, people have often asked if I was finally returning to my 'passion'. No such luck. The camera is a means by which I might explore and express. And no, I was not returning to some childhood dream when I made my move; rather, I think I have just broken away from the 'passion system' to gather up my authentic, warts-and-all self, and look him in the eye.Its great that you believe that your product-service is truly outstanding. I am sure it is. The growing of wings, comes, I think from the doing and the being in the flow of ones own authenticity.You mentioned that word too in your post. It is I think the far more important word. The tortoise, authentic and true to its own muddled purpose, finds wings, often enough, and takes to the air, serene and content, while the speedy, passionate hare races on, forever grounded.Thanks for your encouraging comments about my 'eye'. I'm sprouting a feather (to take wing) and smiling true.

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