Morning.  Thought I’d start today’s miscellaneous rambling with drama, horror and wonder.  I like to think of myself as a bit of an eco warrior and when I come across exciting, thought provoking ideas and events, I want to share.  I wish I could insist that everyone (complacent and non-complacent)  watch this:
Ed’s photography is fantastic and yes the aptness of the cliche works well here, a picture does speak a thousand words .  With the evidence staring right at you,, its impossible to deny the massive effect our consumer driven lifestyle has on the landscape. The sheer volume of resources (everything, people, nature, cities…) we manufacture and manipulate is mind blowing.  Ed’s photos and talk isn’t new territory.  It tells us what we already know and we really wish we didn’t.
Stop!  Don’t head for that top secret nuclear bunker just yet.  People can do amazing things.
 “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Gandhi


While I’m here I probably should let you know what else I’m up to on the ether.  I’m a very keen photographer (and my work is good, other people said so and these are other people I’m not related to). 
Because I like to show off my work, this will be an illustrated blog.
This photo was taken in an Oxford parking lot.  Shot right into the sun.  Yes, I have lots of lovely pictures of flowers, views and nice things.  They may show up now and then.  However I will want to indulge my “arty” side once in awhile.
Any and all comments gratefully received (just be nice or have a point).