10 Weird Things You’ll Miss If You Stay Home

If you never want to leave home, skip this post. 
If you want to stay in and not miss any episodes of X-Nauseating, skip this post.
If you think a trip to the shops is excitement enough, skip this post.

But if you want to know what’s out there, here’s a personally obtained sample 🙂
Incredible towel art in Cuba
Such extravagance
I could do an entire posting of just these!! 
The only trouble is you have still have to make the bed
Do the Italian’s know he’s missing?
Surfer’s Paradise, Australia
So wildly out of place
Stunning covered tropical garden complete with turtles
Where else do you go after drinks and before dinner in Spain’s capital?

Of course I got my letter
This is the only photo I’m allowed to show Muggles
Just in case you lose your train of thought, you can find it here
The Green Gypsy Caravan
South Island, New Zealand
Highly specialized staff  required
Are you supposed to tip extra?
In Andalusia you can witness the impossible!
Granada, Spain, it’s not just the Alhambra that’s unique!
Friendly family holidays in New Zealand for all sorts of families
South Island, New Zealand
Cow in denim
Lubeck, Germany
Me hanging out with the locals
Brisbane, Australia
Hope you enjoyed these photos.  I definitely enjoyed getting them