10 (Plus 1) Random Golden Rules To keep in Mind When Using Social Media

Ta Dah!  An actual useful, “how to…” post.

The following list is a few choice tidbits on dealing with Social Media – focusing on Twitter and LinkedIn (I’m a long time non-fan of Facebook.  How much time do you have? Yes I’m there but not yet entirely comfortable.).  Of course accompanied by the usual disclaimer – “In my humble opinion the following is very good advice…”

1.  Remember it is a public forum.  “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, does not apply.

2.  Social Media is yet another tool and will not replace any of the tools you are currently using.  You will have to pick your demons carefully because you do not have the time to be brilliant on all platforms and you have to do them well. Choose wisely.

3.  LinkedIn – This social networking site is less about how many than about how good. You are expected to know your contacts and to be able to recommend them to others.  Remember people want to connect to you to use your reputation and access your contacts.

4.  Use LinkedIn to keep in touch.  Supposedly these are your most essential business colleagues.  Make sure they have your most up-to-date details.

5.  Consistency is king! If you use multiply forms of social media, say the same thing on all.

6.  Twitter might be a daft word and tweeting a seemingly frivolous activity.  Still, make an effort to be interesting, informative and real or no one worthwhile will follow you.

 7.  As much as possible (for your own sanity) try to use one social media platform to populate another.  Examples;  Tweet your latest (or relevant) blog posts on Twitter to drive traffic to your blog and website.  Use Tumblr to add content to your blog.  Post your Twitter on your website/LinkedIn. etc

8.  If you don’t want to tweet/blog/connect/follow and you still feel it is an integral part of your marketing plan (because it should be), hire someone else to do it. Delegating is OK, getting help to manage it better is OK too.

9.  THERE ARE NO OVERNIGHT SUCCESS STORIES!  Those people who say they made 3 million pounds in 18 months with their blog, yes they are trying to sell you something!

10.   If you decide Social Media doesn’t work for you, you really don’t have to stay.
How To Permanently Delete Your Account on Popular Websites – Here

Plus 1 – Finally – Always remember:

People do business with people they know and 
people they like!
So you are assured I don’t take myself too seriously:
Me as the reigning queen of Social Media
Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, Australia – 2005

FREE! 10 Organising Tips For The Office That Cost Nothing – Guaranteed To Improve Your Life

Another top 10 list (because you asked so nicely).

1.  Keep your stationery drawer filled with things that you use regularly and that work.  Ditch the dry pens, the used staples, the bent tacks and the dried up glue stick.

2.  Organise and label wires: a) So you don’t unplug the wrong device when backing up (see 7) and b) if you move around the equipment in your office or take electronics off your desk you know what wires go with what item.

3.  When arranging your desk, put the phone in the opposite corner to your dominate hand.  For righties on the left for lefties on the right.  Why?  So you can grab a pen and write notes!

4. Date your work as you go because, no you won’t remember when you did “that” part.

It doesn’t always have to be
Take steps now to improve your working life 
Kidsbooks, Vancouver, British Columbia – 2011

5.  Put stuff back as you go. Keep organised so you keep your work under control.  Much easier and less painful than an emergency panic driven sort out.

6.  Projects you have completed, old tax documents etc – store elsewhere (labelled and dated of course).  You don’t need this stuff looming at you everyday.

7.  Back up! Back up! Back up!  – Do this regularly i.e. daily! No explanation needed I hope.

8.  Your desk is not a giant in-box.  Straighten your desk at the end of each work day.  Not necessarily a clear desk, but a state of organisation that you won’t be inclined to avoid. Clutter is an indicator of indecisiveness not lack of time.

9.  Take all your personal mementos and “executive” desk toys off your working desk.  On the wall or a free shelf is OK.  You can keep them in the room but you need the space to work and not distractions.

10.  Eliminate homelessness from your office. If there isn’t a place for something, do you really need it?  Honestly assess how big (and how useful)  your “just in case” collection is. You can keep it, but you don’t need to give it room in your office.

 Achieve a better life balance
Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Canada 2011

Bonus – Make peace with yourself.  You are most likely your harshest critic.  Keep in mind who you are trying to “impress” and give yourself a break.

I hope this help and if you have any ideas to organise your office for free, let me know.  I’d love to add to my list 🙂


The Festival Goers’ Essential Top 10 List

Breezy Flags at the Festivals
Besides a relaxed attitude, your mates and the completely obvious eg, tent, tickets, wellies, first aid kit:
 Wellies – Too essential to list!
1.  Lots of wet wipes. More than you think you need.  Why?  Because loo cleanliness may get a bit dodgy.  Also running water may be scarce/too far away/non existence or you might  just want to freshen up.  There is no stigma to being clean at a festival.  There is no stigma to being filthy either.  Its a personal choice and I know which one I opt for.
2.  A real pillow, an air mattress and earplugs.  Why?  Sleep will inevitably vary in quality and quantity but you can at least be comfortable.  I go all the way and have proper sheets too.  I have camped all over the world.  I can rough it.  At festivals I don’t have to!
Temporary Town
3.  A full sized towel.  Why?  Showers may be available so the obvious use, and towels can double up as blankets, pillows and preserve your modesty.  Douglas Adams knew what he was on about when he elevated the lowly  Towel to heroic status.
4.  A second camera and extra SD (memory) card.  Why?  This might just be essential for me.  Photography is my thing so I always have backup equipment.
5.  Umbrella!  Why?  Relief from the sun (essential if you are as ridiculously pale and interesting as me) and respite from the rain (its gonna fall somewhere at some time).
Happy Festival Goers
6.  Folding camp chair (not to carry around, leave at base camp, probably in the tent when you’re out and about) and a sitting mat.  Why?   It is sooooooooo comfortable to sit down properly after standing, dancing and such a pleasant change from the ground.  Also chairs and mats are generally drier than the ground and contain considerably fewer cow pats.
7.  A book/magazine Why?  They don’t need batteries and 4 days is a long time.  You may need a time out here and there.  Festivals are to be enjoyed, not endured.
8.  Bring some food and water. Why?  Are you Rockefeller?!  It costs a lot to eat out for 3-4 days.
9.  Two water/drink bottles.  Why?  One for water and one for  the beverage of your choice.  Extravagant ?  No.   I always think its nice to have a choice.
10.  An extra extra pair of pants/underwear and socks.  Why?  Just in case.  Your mother would be proud
There you go.  The first truly useful practical advice you have received from this site.  Hope it helps 🙂
Have a great festival!
WOMAD 2009

What direction is this blog going?

Well, to be really honest, I’m not sure yet.
There is an extensive list of things I don’t want it to become.  I have selected a few key ones:
1.  Ongoing ad nauseam lists of random tips that I know we’ve all heard before.  They make me sound like a dictator and well, you won’t follow them anyway.  Who needs to be told what to do by a blog!? Unless of course you ask 🙂
2.  A repetition of all the other advice that’s out there.  Put “organise” in Bing (or search engine of choice) and today you get 11,500,000 results.  And how is that helpful?
3.  I’m not going to share little stories about my clients.  They deserve confidentiality and I’m saving those tidbits for when I write my novel (just kidding!)

4.  Lots of how tos – if you want to know my opinion, please ask, see point 1.
5.  Endless lists of books, other websites, Youtube clips, other twits/tweets etc. (but I’m sure they will sneak in)

6.  Um…..?
For now we will be a Zen Dog and see when the journey takes us
“You can’t have everything.  Where would you put it?”  Steven Wright