If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck ..

It must be a duck.

Popular proverb by the renowned philosopher Anon.
 One of our valiant racing steeds
Enormous thanks to our fabulous volunteers, who braved the wind and the wet to make the 3rd annual Stretton Climate Care‘s Ducks Races a huge success.  Despite the very human unfriendly but duck friendly weather, lots of hardy souls came out to Carding Mill Valley on the wettest Saturday in months!
The big finish of the last race
We ran eight action packed races.  All sponsored by local businesses. eg. Entertaining Elephants’ – Organic Hurdles, Van Doesburg Deli’s – Free Range Egg Cup and Plush Hill Cycles – Plush Hill Plish Plash.  Many thanks to them and many, many rounds of applause to our volunteers for making the day possible.
Happy volunteers –  Soggy but not in spirit!
Our brilliant Race Commentator
We hope everyone enjoyed the day and have finally dried out!
Thank you for supporting Stretton Climate Care.  This is a green community based charity who believe lower carbon lifestyles can save money and be fun.  They give us control in a chaotic world and are increasingly the right thing to do.
And they are just one of my “people”.
See you next year!

Magnolia – Great Dixter – Kent, UK 2009

Stretton Climate Care – Duck Racing!

For those of you who may be about to express concern.  They are small, yellow and PLASTIC!  The RSPCA don’t mind

This is the social event of the season in South Shropshire.  All the best people will be there.

Welcome to my world and the daft things I (we!) get up to in an effort to save the world! 

Countdown to Race Day

28 days to go before the 3rd annual Duck races in the Carding Mill Valley.  May 29th for those not numerically inclined.

Guess what I’ll be spending the month doing!  Yes, chief organiser that’s me.  And looking after ducks is just one of my talents 🙂

                                 Ducks in Dry Land Training

For complete details go here for all the news on the racing action:

Worthwhile Day

Today I helped co-ordinate the installation of energy meters into local homes (so people can see how much energy they are using, be shocked and then cut back).  Continued to support my local green charity by doing more fiddly bits for their annual big event.  Duck racing….stay tuned for future posts.

I contacted my local hopefully soon to be ex-MP and my hopefully soon to be new-MP about issues concerning the environment, human rights, and the deficit.

Went running, wrote my blog (for a change) and did laundry with biodegradable non-animal tested laundry liquid.  Managed a few meaningful messages on Twitter (Greenpeace and the third runway, that would be a no thank you).  Sent some businesses type emails out and most fun of all, invoiced clients!

Quote of the Day – Steven Wright – “In school they told me ‘Practice makes perfect.’ And then they told me “Nobody’s perfect,” so then I stopped practicing.”

The Continuing Apology

And I haven’t done any better contributing to this blog, since my obviously meaningless promise.  Excuses?  I have a selection.

I’ve been busy with my photography. Preparing to launch myself into the world of the professional shutterbug (not, as I hasten to add, as a paparazzi).  Still as long as someone will pay me, that will count for now. 

Also always busy saving and greening up the world and now tweeting.  You can follow me on Twitter as TrulyUsefulCo.  My tweets are twitters ie. not terribly meaningful yet! I haven’t quite worked out social networking (no kidding eh?!). 

So saving the world and green tips for this week.  1.  Don’t buy it.  2.  No, I really mean don’t buy it!!!!! See looks what happens when you collect too much junk…


Sorry I have been very bad about this.  Start something and then move on!  Just like me 😦  Full of good intentions and paving the road to hell.

Will do better once I teach myself how this all works again

So for now I’ll just gve you something nice to look at. 


Welcome to my new blog.  Originally I called it “Its My World” but since then I have decided I need a theme. And I feel safe making these changes because no one but me read it before anyway %-)

Initially this was going to be random reflections, but for me being too random is synonymous with avoidance.  I end up doing nothing because I can’t decide what to do. I need a bit of structure.  Just not too much though!

This blog thing is a pretty spontaneous leap.  Something  I came up with in my mid-morning and sadly pre-coffee state. (that will change shortly)

I have one or two ideas (I always do) about what I’m going to do here. Its going to be hippy, green, eccentric and  perhaps inspiring or exasperating. Disclaimer: have no expectation!

Be a Zen dog – “He knows not where he’s going, for the ocean will decide.  It’s not the destination, it’s the glory of the ride.”  Thank you  Edward Monkton