A Little Reminder

For those of you who believe the Internet is all you’ll ever need:
“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, 
 a librarian can bring you back the right one.”
Neil Gaiman

And don’t you forget it!

The Radcliffe Camera
Oxford University

My Top 11 Photos of 2011

I joined Google+ in October and started participating for real about three weeks ago.  I’m enjoying it, not only as a great platform to show off my work and see what other photographers are up to, but also as a place to get a challenge or two.
Recently we were  invited everyone to post our top 11 photographs of the year.
After a lot of sifting through my back catalogue – searching, choosing, discarding, re-choosing – with a sigh of relief (and a big round of applause) here are
my Top 11:

Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May 2011

Academic Bikes

Oxford, UK
October 2011


Birmingham, UK
December 2011


Pacific Rim, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
September 2011


Fraser River, Vancouver, BC, Canada
August 2011

Edge of the World

Pacific Rim, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
September 2011

Cottage Country

Six Mile Lake, Ontario, Canada
August 2011

Touching the Sky

Canmore, Alberta, Canada
July 2011

Garlic – Yum!

Burlington, Ontario, Canada
August 2011

The Other Photographer

Pacific Rim, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
September 2011

Not Gone Fishing

Dungeness, Kent, UK
March 2011
I do hope you like them (or at least one of them!!!) and please come and visit me on Google+ as Julie Mellors or The Truly Useful Company.    It’s fun!