Penny Thompson – Lyme Cottage Industries

“Julie really helped me to sort out my e-traffic/life and gave me so much confidence to try more and achieve more. Have improved e-access to my business and increased opportunities as a result. And it was all so enjoyable too”

Helen Jones – The Cliffe Hotel

“Julie spent two training sessions with me at the hotel trying to unravel the web of Social Media. She has a detailed knowledge of her subject and methodically explained each topic. I feel much more able to tackle social networking on my own but know I have her support if I needed. Definitely money well spent!”

Marie Percival – Marie Percival on LinkedIn

“Having set up my Chartered Surveying consultancy up a few years earlier, I found that my paperwork was very difficult to locate and in fact, I was in danger of being buried by it. I knew something had to be done as I was wasting valuable fee earning time trying to locate relevant papers from boxes. I had no systems in place, so new “filing” just went into yet another box. At year end, or when I had company matters to attend to such as tax submissions, I could waste a whole day bringing relevant papers into some type of order. What Julie and her business, The Truly Useful Comapny did for me, was to make my daily working life so much easier. I’m finally in control of the paperwork and not the other way around! I can now find exactly what I need and can confirm that after 18 months with her systems in place I have been able to pursue additional business goals as a direct consequence of the efficient and time saving manner in which I’m now operating. I shall be requesting Julie’s services again shortly, to assist in some other areas where my office systems could do with her innovative yet simple touches!”

Dr. David Gibbon – Rural Livelihood Systems

“Julie was a truly excellent Project Manager during the time she was working for the Stretton Climate Care group in Church Stretton , Shropshire, UK. She carried out here many duties with great efficiency and competence. She was always cheerful and positive and willing to do far more than the current job required. She worked well with our volunteers and was an enthusiast for social networking technology.”

Jill Ming – Building Beginnings

“I commissioned Julie to do some product photography for my website and I’m delighted with the results. Julie’s work is high quality and her enthusiasm and professional attitude ensured a successful project. I would definitely recommend her services.”

Kate Holbrook – Turtle Doves

“Julie has been great to work with; reliable, personable and full of good ideas. She’s a great photographer and her social media advice is second to none – highly recommended.”

Martin N.  (Engineer)

“I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive when my daughter invited the Truly Useful Company in to reorganise my books and help me decide which ones to reject. I need not have worried. Miss Mellors’ calm professionalism made the whole process effective and stress-free.”

Jane Noble Knight – The Pilgrim Mother

“I’ve known Julie for a few years through Women in Rural Enterprise when I lived in South Shropshire. I sent out a plea via my website blog for an admin angel and 2 hours later a mutual friend suggested Julie. I’m glad she did.

Julie came for an initial visit to check we were both aware of what was involved and to answer questions. Two days later she spent a half-day sorting my filing and office to Stage 1, then two days later she spent another half-day getting me to Stage 2.

I am actually typing this at my desk whereas previously I could hardly get through the door. Julie is returning to sort out my Mac filing for me. So I’d thoroughly recommend Julie. If you want to speak to me personally, please contact me.

Jane Rudd – Accentz.co.uk

“Thanks Julie. Love My Office!”

Jennifer N. (Retired Maths Teacher )

“Julie Mellors is the person we all want to be. Pleasant, knowledgeable, and organised. She achieved a quite miracle in my house. I think getting a husband to sort things out when he has a floor to leave them on is impossibility for many wives.”

Get Julie in and go out yourself!”

Charlotte Carver, Charity Fair Organiser, The Big Bargain Bazaar

“Julie Mellors bowled me over with her rapid response to an SOS via the WiRE network when I was desperately seeking volunteers to support my February fundraiser “The First Worcestershire Sale of Sales” at the Three Counties Showground. She made contact me immediately, offering to come over and see what needed doing. From start to Sale, Julie was hugely helpful in all respects: not only did she calmly help sort out the huge overdue Invitation mailing, assist in detailed planning and design several most professional posters, but she also agreed to be my PA-for-three-weeks and my Understudy. Had I gone under the proverbial bus, Julie would have metamorphosed into The Organiser for the duration. She was patient, kind and truly useful – and I commend her services to you.”

Lucy A. (Advisory Head Teacher)

“Julie listens carefully to a client’s requirements in order to fully understand a situation. She is then able to analyse it, and make suggestions that are appropriate and often unexpected. She is able quickly to comprehend a project and assess how best she can support, move it on and complete it.

As a consummate professional Julie Mellors has been a valuable asset in freeing my time to have fun. She is always organised, thorough and precise. She has an ability to read a situation and create the perfect solution. Julie is able to make her clients feel comfortable and fully informed and she ensures that difficult decisions are made as simple as possible. Her can do attitude and blue sky thinking allows you to fulfill your potential in drinking, eating, dancing and living life.”

J. U. (Head Teacher)

“I have no hesitation in recommending Julie Mellors to other busy professionals. Her professional attitude and competent manner enabled her to provide me with outstanding service when in my employ. After a positive first experience I have used her services on a variety of different projects, and have never been disappointed with the results.”